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家伙 jiā huo household dish, implement or furniture / domestic animal / (coll.) guy / chap / weapon
老兄 lǎo xiōng elder brother (often used self-referentially) / (form of address between male friends) old chap / buddy
龟裂 jūn liè to crack / cracked / fissured / creviced / (of skin) chapped
cūn chapped / cracked
鼠辈 shǔ bèi a scoundrel / a bad chap
jūn to chap
chè to crack / to split / to break / to chap
chapped skin
彪形大汉 biāo xíng hàn burly chap / husky fellow
干裂 gān liè (of dry soil etc) to crack; (of skin) to chap
良材 liáng cái good timber / sound material / fig. able person / sound chap
粿汁 guǒ zhī kway chap (Teochew noodle soup)
皴裂 cūn liè chap (lips, skin etc)
进道若蜷 jìn dào ruò quán entering the Way, you seem to coil back (Laozi 老子[Lao3 zi3], the Book of Dao 道德經|道德经[Dao4 de2 jing1], Chap. 14) / progress in the Dao can seem illusory

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