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盒子 zi box / case
确定 què dìng definite / certain / fixed / to fix (on sth) / to determine / to be sure / to ensure / to make certain / to ascertain / to clinch / to recognize / to confirm / OK (on computer dialog box)
填写 tián xiě to fill in a form / to write data in a box (on a questionnaire or web form)
箱子 xiāng zi suitcase / chest / box / case / trunk / CL:隻|只[zhi1],個|个[ge4]
small box / case
lán fence / railing / hurdle / column or box (of text or other data)
xiāng box (in theater) / side room / side
音箱 yīn xiāng loudspeaker box / speaker (audio equipment) / resonating chamber of a musical instrument / sound box
lǒng to envelop; to cover / (used in 籠子|笼子[long3 zi5]) large box / Taiwan pr. [long2]
匣子 xiá zi small box
xiāng box / trunk / chest
票房 piào fáng box office
jiān (wooden) box / cup / old variant of 緘|缄[jian1] / letter
qiè chest / box / trunk / suitcase / portfolio
xiá box
邮箱 yóu xiāng mailbox / post office box / email / email inbox
机顶盒 dǐng set-top box
包厢 bāo xiāng box (in a theater or concert hall) / private room (in a restaurant or karaoke)
fāng "right open box" radical (Kangxi radical 22), occurring in 区, 医, 匹 etc
便当 biàn dāng convenient / handy / easy / bento (a meal in a partitioned box) / lunchbox
box case
判读 pàn to interpret (a visual document, a medical exam, an historical event etc) / to analyze data (from a chip, a black box etc)
笼子 lǒng zi large box; trunk; chest
黑匣子 hēi xiá zi (airplane) black box
jié box (dialect) / used to transliterate words with sounds kip-, cap- etc

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