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中文 Zhōng wén Chinese language
语文 wén literature and language / (PRC) Chinese (as a school subject)
华文 Huá wén Chinese language / Chinese script
甲骨文 jiǎ wén oracle script / oracle bone inscriptions (an early form of Chinese script)
汉文 Hàn wén Chinese written language / Chinese literature esp. as taught abroad
六书 liù shū Six Methods of forming Chinese characters, according to Han dictionary Shuowen 說文|说文 - namely, two primary methods: 象形 (pictogram), 指事 (ideogram), two compound methods: 會意|会意 (combined ideogram), 形聲|形声 (ideogram plus phonetic), and two transfer methods: 假借 (loan), 轉注|转注 (transfer)
石鼓文 shí wén early form of Chinese characters inscribed in stone, a precursor of the small seal 小篆[xiao3 zhuan4]
钟鼎文 zhōng dǐng wén bell-cauldron script / the 籀文 form of Chinese character used in metal inscriptions
姜文 Jiāng Wén Jiang Wen (1963-), sixth generation Chinese movie director
孙文 Sūn Wén the original name of 孫中山|孙中山[Sun1 Zhong1 shan1], Dr Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925), first president of the Republic of China and co-founder of the Guomintang 國民黨|国民党[Guo2 min2 dang3]
重文 chóng wén repetitious passage / multiple variants of Chinese characters
初文 chū wén archaic (and simpler) form of a Chinese character
古文 wén old language / the Classics / Classical Chinese as a literary model, esp. in Tang and Song prose / Classical Chinese as a school subject
胡适 Shì Hu Shi (1891-1962), original proponent of writing in colloquial Chinese 白話文|白话文[bai2 hua4 wen2]
文言文 wén yán wén Classical Chinese writing
陆克文 wén Chinese name adopted by Kevin Rudd (1957-), Australian politician proficient in Mandarin, prime minister 2007-2010 and 2013
蔡英文 Cài Yīng wén Tsai Ing-wen (1956-), Taiwanese DPP politician, president of the Republic of China from 2016

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