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dān bill / list / form / single / only / sole / odd number / CL:個|个[ge4]
方案 fāng àn plan / program (for action etc) / proposal / proposed bill / CL:個|个[ge4],套[tao4]
通过 tōng guò by means of / through / via / to pass through / to get through / to adopt / to pass (a bill or inspection etc) / to switch over
结算 jié suàn to settle a bill / to close an account
余额 é balance (of an account, bill etc) / surplus / remainder
发票 piào invoice / receipt or bill for purchase
zhàng account / bill / debt / CL:本[ben3],筆|笔[bi3]
决算 jué suàn final account / to calculate the final bill / fig. to draw up plans to deal with sth
账单 zhàng dān bill
提案 àn proposal / draft resolution / motion (to be debated) / to propose a bill / to make a proposal
抬头 tái tóu to raise one's head / to gain ground / account name, or space for writing the name on checks, bills etc
比尔 ěr Bill (name)
戈尔 ěr Gore (name) / Al Gore (1948-), US vice-president 1993-2001 under Bill Clinton, subsequently environmental campaigner and Nobel Peace laureate
买单 mǎi dān to pay the restaurant bill
单证 dān zhèng (international trade) documentation (e.g. a bill of lading)
汇票 huì piào bill of exchange / bank draft
钞票 chāo piào paper money / a bill (e.g. 100 yuan) / CL:張|张[zhang1],紮|扎[za1]
付清 qīng to pay in full / to pay all of a bill / to pay off
运单 yùn dān way bill / transport charge
单子 dān zi list of items / bill / form / bedsheet
法案 àn bill / proposed law
水费 shuǐ fèi water bill
结账 jié zhàng to pay the bill / to settle accounts / also written 結帳|结帐
提单 dān bill of lading
招贴 zhāo tiē poster / placard / bill
贴息 tiē to discount the interest on a bill of exchange
开单 kāi dān to bill / to open a tab
结帐 jié zhàng to pay the bill / to settle accounts / also written 結賬|结账
帐单 zhàng dān bill / check
克林顿 lín dùn Clinton (name) / Bill Clinton (1946-), US Democratic politician, President 1993-2001 / Hillary Rodham Clinton (1947-), US Democratic politician
埋单 mái dān to pay the bill (in a restaurant etc) (loanword from Cantonese) / (fig.) to bear responsibility
批价 jià wholesale price / to settle an account / to pay a bill
掏腰包 tāo yāo bāo to dip into one's pocket / to pay out of pocket / to foot the bill
账册 zhàng an account book / a ledger / a bill
验钞机 yàn chāo a device used to check money and detect counterfeit bills
凭单 píng dān bill of warrant (certificate, allowing one to collect money or valuables)
提货单 huò dān bill of lading
开账 kāi zhàng to make out a bill
权利法案 quán àn bill of rights
AA制 A A zhì to split the bill / to go Dutch
卿卿我我 qīng qīng to bill and coo (idiom) / to whisper sweet nothings to one another / to be very much in love
提示付款 shì kuǎn to present (a bill of exchange etc) for payment
柯林顿 lín dùn (Tw) Clinton (name) / Bill Clinton (1946-), US Democratic politician, president 1993-2001 / Hillary Rodham Clinton (1947-), US Democratic politician
AB制 A B zhì to split the bill (where the male counterpart foots the larger portion of the sum) / (theater) a system where two actors take turns in acting the main role, with one actor replacing the other if either is unavailable
美钞 Měi chāo US dollar bill / greenback
两讫 liǎng received and paid for (business term) / the goods delivered and the bill settled
换单 huàn dān bill of exchange (international trade)
宽免 kuān miǎn to reduce payment / to annul (debts, bills, taxes etc) / to let sb off paying
单张汇票 dān zhāng huì piào sola bill of exchange (international trade)
芭乐票 piào forged money / fictitious bills / see also 芭樂|芭乐[ba1 le4]

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