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帽子 mào zi hat / cap / (fig.) label / bad name / CL:頂|顶[ding3]
dǐng apex / crown of the head / top / roof / most / to carry on the head / to push to the top / to go against / to replace / to substitute / to be subjected to (an aerial bombing, hailstorm etc) / (slang) to "bump" a forum thread to raise its profile / classifier for headwear, hats, veils etc
帐篷 zhàng peng tent / CL:頂|顶[ding3],座[zuo4]
蚊帐 wén zhàng mosquito net / CL:頂|顶[ding3]
帐子 zhàng zi mosquito net / CL:頂|顶[ding3]
浴帽 mào shower cap / CL:頂|顶[ding3]
安全帽 ān quán mào safety helmet / CL:隻|只[zhi1],頂|顶[ding3]

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