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马南邨 Nán cūn Ma Nancun (1912-1966), pen name of Deng Tuo 鄧拓|邓拓
邓拓 Dèng Tuò Deng Tuo (1912-1966), sociologist and journalist, died under persecution at the start of the Cultural Revolution / wrote under the pen name Ma Nancun 馬南邨|马南邨
三家村 Sān jiā cūn lit. village of three households / name of essay column in Beijing newspaper from 1961-1966, written by Deng Tuo 鄧拓|邓拓, Wu Han 吳晗|吴晗 and Liao Mosha 廖沫沙, criticized as anti-party during the Cultural Revolution

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