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新丰县 Xīn fēng Xiàn Xinfeng County in Shaoguan 韶關|韶关[Shao2 guan1], Guangdong
营盘 Yíng pán Yingpan, common place name ("army camp") / place near Jintian village 金田村[Jin1 tian2 cun1] in Guangxi where the Taiping Tianguo rebels took their oaths in 1851 / place in Xinfeng county 新豐縣|新丰县[Xin1 feng1 Xian4] traditional camping place of brigands / Yingpan township, place name / Yingpan in Shangluo prefecture, Shaanxi / Yingpan township in Yunnan / (many others)

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