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山东 Shān dōng Shandong, province in northeast China, short name 魯|鲁[Lu3], capital Jinan 濟南|济南[Ji3 nan2]
surname Lu / Lu, an ancient state of China 魯國|鲁国[Lu3guo2] / Lu, short name for Shandong 山東|山东[Shan1dong1]
齐鲁 alternative name for Shandong 山東|山东[Shan1 dong1]
鲁国 guó Lu, vassal state at the time of the Zhou Dynasty 周朝|周朝[Zhou1 chao2], located in the southwest of present-day Shandong 山東|山东[Shan1 dong1], birthplace of Confucius
大汶口文化 wèn kǒu wén huà Dawenkou culture (c. 4100-2600 BC), Neolithic culture based in today's Shandong area 山東|山东[Shan1 dong1]

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