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商鞅 Shāng Yāng Shang Yang (c. 390-338 BC), legalist philosopher and statesman of the state of Qin 秦國|秦国[Qin2 guo2], whose reforms paved the way for the eventual unification of the Chinese empire by the Qin dynasty 秦朝|秦朝[Qin2 chao2]
法家 jiā Legalist School of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) founded by Han Fei 韓非|韩非[Han2 Fei1] and Li Si 李斯[Li3 Si1], which influenced Shang Yang 商鞅[Shang1 Yang1], whose reforms strengthened the Qin state 秦國|秦国[Qin2 guo2], eventually enabling it to conquer rival states and unify China under the Qin dynasty 秦朝[Qin2 chao2]

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