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jué to bid farewell / tricks of the trade / pithy mnemonic formula (e.g. Mao Zedong's 16-character mantra 十六字訣|十六字诀 on guerrilla warfare)
十六字诀 shí liù jué 16-character formula, esp. Mao Zedong's mantra on guerrilla warfare: 敵進我退,敵駐我擾,敵疲我打,敵退我追|敌进我退,敌驻我扰,敌疲我打,敌退我追[di2 jin4 wo3 tui4 , di2 zhu4 wo3 rao3 , di2 pi2 wo3 da3 , di2 tui4 wo3 zhui1] when the enemy advances we retreat; when the enemy makes camp we harass; when the enemy is exhausted we fight; and when the enemy retreats we pursue

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