English to Chinese Dictionary


微笑 wēi xiào smile / CL:個|个[ge4],絲|丝[si1] / to smile
fēng wind / news / style / custom / manner / CL:陣|阵[zhen4],絲|丝[si1]
silk / thread / trace / (cuisine) shreds or julienne strips / CL:條|条[tiao2] / classifier: a thread (of cloud, smoke etc), a bit, an iota, a hint (of sth) etc
八音 yīn ancient classification system for musical instruments, based on the material of which the instrument is made (metal 金, stone 石, clay 土, leather 革, silk 絲|丝, wood 木, gourd 匏, bamboo 竹) / the eight kinds of sound produced by instruments in these categories / music

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