English to Chinese Dictionary


三个代表 Sān Dài biǎo the Three Represents, a set of three guiding principles for the CCP introduced by Jiang Zemin 江澤民|江泽民[Jiang1 Ze2 min2] in 2000 and enshrined in the Constitution in 2004
毛邓三 Máo Dèng Sān Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory & the Three Represents (abbr. for 毛澤東思想|毛泽东思想[Mao2 Ze2 dong1 Si1 xiang3] + 鄧小平理論|邓小平理论[Deng4 Xiao3 ping2 Li3 lun4] + 三個代表|三个代表[San1 ge4 Dai4 biao3])

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