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Did you mean: to rest to reside to resign to reset ?

to resist / imperial / (classical) to drive (a chariot) / to manage / to govern
to defend / to resist
kàng to resist / to fight / to defy / anti-
相对 xiāng duì relatively / opposite / to resist / to oppose / relative / vis-a-vis / counterpart
dǎng to resist / to obstruct / to hinder / to keep off / to block (a blow) / to get in the way of / cover / gear (e.g. in a car's transmission)
to press against / to support / to prop up / to resist / to equal / to balance / to make up for / to mortgage / to arrive at / to clap (one's hands) lightly (expressing delight) (Taiwan pr. [zhi3] for this sense)
抵制 zhì to resist / to boycott / to refuse (to cooperate) / to reject / resistance / refusal
enemy / to be a match for / to rival / to resist / to withstand
对抗 duì kàng to withstand / to resist / to stand off / antagonism / confrontation
to resist / to repel / to refuse
抗日 kàng to resist Japan (esp. during WW2) / anti-Japanese (esp. wartime activities)
抵抗 kàng to resist / resistance
抵御 to resist / to withstand
阻挡 dǎng to stop / to resist / to obstruct
抵挡 dǎng to resist / to hold back / to stop / to ward off / to withstand
抗拒 kàng to resist / to defy / to oppose
抗压 kàng to resist pressure or stress / pressure-resistant
抗击 kàng to resist (an aggressor) / to oppose (a menace)
反抗 fǎn kàng to resist / to rebel
抗争 kàng zhēng to resist / to make a stand and fight (against)
rǎng to push up one's sleeves / to reject or resist / to seize / to perturb / to steal
耐蚀 nài shí to resist corrosion
强忍 qiáng rěn to resist (with great difficulty)
经不起 jīng bu can't stand it / to be unable to bear / to be unable to resist
招架 zhāo jià to resist / to ward off / to hold one's own / to receive guests
凭险 píng xiǎn (to resist the enemy) relying on inaccessible territory
抗敌 kàng to resist the enemy
拒捕 to resist arrest
遏止 è zhǐ to hold back / to check (i.e. to stop sb's advance) / to resist / esp. with negative, irresistible, unstoppable etc
耐劳 nài láo hardy / able to resist hardship
拗不过 niù bu guò can't persuade / unable to make (sb) change their mind / unable to resist (sb)
支吾 zhī to resist / to deal with
势不可当 shì dāng impossible to resist (idiom); an irresistible force
攘外 rǎng wài to resist foreign aggression
不住 zhù repeatedly / continuously / constantly / unable to (resist, conceal etc)
to butt / resist
to butt / resist
顶挡 dǐng dǎng to resist / to obstruct / to bear responsibility for
抵住 zhù to resist / to press against / to brace
抵拒 to resist / to stand up to
打坐坡 zuò (of a horse, dog etc) to sit back on one's haunches and refuse to be coaxed forward / (of a person) to brace oneself to resist being made to go forward / (fig.) to dig one's heels in
攘外安内 rǎng wài ān nèi to resist foreign aggression and pacify the interior of the country (idiom)
撑拒 chēng to resist / to struggle / to sustain

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