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Did you mean: now non ni nu na nao new neo ?

gīng uptight / obstinate / to awkwardly force oneself to do sth / (Taiwanese, POJ pr. [gēng], often written as ㄍㄧㄥ, no generally accepted hanzi form)
jiǒng monotone garment with no lining
ma (question particle for "yes-no" questions)
not to have / no / none / not / to lack / un- / -less
(negative prefix) / not / no
zài again / once more / re- / second / another / then (after sth, and not until then) / no matter how ... (followed by an adjective or verb, and then (usually) 也[ye3] or 都[dou1] for emphasis)
rèn to assign / to appoint / to take up a post / office / responsibility / to let / to allow / to give free rein to / no matter (how, what etc) / classifier for terms served in office, or for spouses, girlfriends etc (as in 前任男友)
不是 shì no / is not / not
只能 zhǐ néng can only / obliged to do sth / to have no other choice
mài to sell / to betray / to spare no effort / to show off or flaunt
无论 lùn no matter what or how / regardless of whether...
jué to cut short / extinct / to disappear / to vanish / absolutely / by no means
不过 guò only / merely / no more than / but / however / anyway (to get back to a previous topic) / cannot be more (after adjectival)
píng to lean against / to rely on / on the basis of / no matter (how, what etc) / proof
绝不 jué in no way / not in the least / absolutely not
xiā blind / groundlessly / foolishly / to no purpose
归属 guī shǔ to belong to / to be affiliated to / to fall under the jurisdiction of / a place where one feels that one belongs / one's final destination (where one need look no further)
可知 zhī evidently / clearly / no wonder / knowable
只不过 zhǐ bu guò only / merely / nothing but / no more than / it's just that ...
没问题 méi wèn no problem
深受 shēn shòu to receive in no small measure
绝缘 jué yuán to have no contact with / to be cut off from / (electricity) to insulate
不然 rán not so / no / or else / otherwise / if not / How about ...?
哪怕 even / even if / even though / no matter how
不论 lùn whatever / no matter what (who, how etc) / regardless of / not to discuss
无意 inadvertent / accidental / to have no intention of (doing sth)
有的是 yǒu de shì have plenty of / there's no lack of
不育 to be infertile / to have no offspring
省心 shěng xīn to cause no trouble / to be spared worry / worry-free
无权 quán to have no right / to have no authority
多达 duō up to / no less than / as much as
坏了 huài le shoot! / gosh! / oh, no! / (suffix) to the utmost
无偿 cháng free / no charge / at no cost
切勿 qiè by no means
打不过 bu guò unable to defeat / to be no match for sb
fáng to hinder / (in the negative or interrogative) (no) harm / (what) harm
只得 zhǐ to have no alternative but to / to be obliged to
无疑 no doubt / undoubtedly
不乏 there is no lack of
不计 to disregard / to take no account of
何必 there is no need / why should
不妨 fáng there is no harm in / might as well
不复 no longer / no more
才不 cái by no means / definitely not / as if! / yeah right!
尽力 jìn to strive one's hardest / to spare no effort
奋力 fèn to do everything one can / to spare no effort / to strive
disciple / apprentice / believer / on foot / bare or empty / to no avail / only / prison sentence
废话 fèi huà nonsense / rubbish / superfluous words / You don't say! / No kidding! (gently sarcastic)
无悔 huǐ to have no regrets
不问 wèn to pay no attention to / to disregard / to ignore / to let go unpunished / to let off
死活 huó life or death / fate / no matter what / anyway / for the life of me
杂物 junk / items of no value / various bits and bobs
不敌 no match for / cannot beat
无论如何 lùn whatever the case / in any event / no matter what / by all possible means
无缘 yuán to have no opportunity / no way (of doing sth) / no chance / no connection / not placed (in a competition) / (in pop lyrics) no chance of love, no place to be together etc
止步 zhǐ to halt / to stop / to go no farther
奈何 nài to do something to sb / to deal with / to cope / how? / to no avail
鱼香 xiāng yuxiang, a seasoning of Chinese cuisine that typically contains garlic, scallions, ginger, sugar, salt, chili peppers etc (Although "yuxiang" literally means "fish fragrance", it contains no seafood.)
后顾之忧 hòu zhī yōu fears of trouble in the rear (idiom); family worries (obstructing freedom of action) / worries about the future consequences / often in negative expressions, meaning "no worries about anything"
不着 zháo no need / need not
没劲 méi jìn to have no strength / to feel weak / exhausted / feeling listless / boring / of no interest
白白 bái bái in vain / to no purpose / for nothing / white
只管 zhǐ guǎn solely engrossed in one thing / just (one thing, no need to worry about the rest) / simply / by all means / please feel free / do not hesitate (to ask for sth)
无可奈何 nài have no way out / have no alternative / abbr. to 無奈|无奈[wu2 nai4]
死心 xīn to give up / to admit failure / to drop the matter / to reconcile oneself to loss / to have no more illusions about
难怪 nán guài (it's) no wonder (that...) / (it's) not surprising (that)
竭尽全力 jié jìn quán to spare no effort (idiom); to do one's utmost
措手不及 cuò shǒu no time to deal with it (idiom); caught unprepared
无暇 xiá too busy / to have no time for / fully occupied
无期 unspecified period / in the indefinite future / no fixed time / indefinite sentence (i.e. life imprisonment)
好意思 hǎo si to have the nerve / what a cheek! / to feel no shame / to overcome the shame / (is it) proper? (rhetorical question)
没法 méi at a loss / unable to do anything about it / to have no choice
荒废 huāng fèi to abandon (cultivated fields) / no longer cultivated / to lie waste / wasted / to neglect (one's work or study)
完了 wán le to be finished / to be done for / ruined / gone to the dogs / oh no
无间 jiàn very close / no gap between them / continuously / unbroken / hard to separate / indistinguishable
任凭 rèn píng no matter what / despite / to allow (sb to act arbitrarily)
名士 míng shì famous scholar / worthy / celebrity, esp. distinguished literary person having no official post
不亚于 no less than / not inferior to
别无 bié to have no other... (used in fixed expressions)
轻而易举 qīng ér easy / with no difficulty
没有意思 méi yǒu si boring / of no interest
máng vast, with no clear boundary / fig. hazy / indistinct / unclear / confused
不要脸 yào liǎn to have no sense of shame / shameless
再怎么 zài zěn me no matter how ...
无助 zhù helpless / helplessness / feeling useless / no help
留步 liú (said by departing guest) no need to see me out
无异 nothing other than / to differ in no way from / the same as / to amount to
好久不见 hǎo jiǔ bu jiàn long time no see
无愧 kuì to have a clear conscience / to feel no qualms
无人问津 rén wèn jīn to be of no interest to anyone (idiom)
干煸 gān biān to stir-fry with oil only (no addition of water)
没意思 méi si boring / of no interest
无缘无故 yuán no cause, no reason (idiom); completely uncalled for
迫不得已 to have no alternative (idiom); compelled by circumstances / forced into sth
三不 sān the three no's (abbreviated catchphrase)
炙手可热 zhì shǒu lit. burn your hand, feel the heat (idiom) / fig. arrogance of the powerful / a mighty figure no-one dares approach / hot (exciting or in favor)
差劲 chà jìn bad / no good / below average / disappointing
义无反顾 fǎn honor does not allow one to glance back (idiom); duty-bound not to turn back / no surrender / to pursue justice with no second thoughts
切莫 qiè you must not / Please don't... / be sure not to / on no account (do it)
无妨 fáng no harm (in doing it) / One might as well. / It won't hurt. / no matter / it's no bother

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