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Did you mean: now no neo ne know non nei nen ?

信息 xìn information / news / message
新闻 xīn wén news / CL:條|条[tiao2],個|个[ge4]
xīn new / newly / meso- (chemistry)
媒体 méi media, esp. news media
消息 xiāo xi news / information / CL:條|条[tiao2]
更新 gēng xīn to replace the old with new / to renew / to renovate / to upgrade / to update / to regenerate
jiù old / opposite: new 新 / former / worn (with age)
金山 Jīn shān Jinshan suburban district of Shanghai / Jinshan or Chinshan township in New Taipei City 新北市[Xin1 bei3 shi4], Taiwan
yīn sound / noise / note (of musical scale) / tone / news / syllable / reading (phonetic value of a character)
时代 Shí dài Time, US weekly news magazine
报道 bào dào to report (news) / report / CL:篇[pian1],份[fen4]
fēng wind / news / style / custom / manner / CL:陣|阵[zhen4],絲|丝[si1]
全新 quán xīn all new / completely new
征友 zhēng yǒu to seek new friends through personal ads, dating apps etc
招生 zhāo shēng to enroll new students / to get students
新型 xīn xíng new type / new kind
新生 xīn shēng new / newborn / emerging / nascent / rebirth / regeneration / new life / new student
新年 xīn nián New Year / CL:個|个[ge4]
新手 xīn shǒu new hand / novice / raw recruit
新闻网 xīn wén wǎng news agency
切换 qiē huàn to switch over / to switch modes or data streams / to cut (to a new scene)
breath / news / interest (on an investment or loan) / to cease / to stop / to rest / Taiwan pr. [xi2]
méi medium / intermediary / matchmaker / go-between / abbr. for 媒體|媒体[mei2 ti3], media, esp. news media
通讯 tōng xùn communications / news story / dispatch / CL:個|个[ge4]
xùn to question / to ask / to interrogate / rapid / speedy / fast / news / information
新款 xīn kuǎn new style / latest fashion / new model
上市 shàng shì to hit the market (of a new product) / to float (a company on the stock market)
元旦 Yuán dàn New Year's Day
创新 chuàng xīn innovation / to bring forth new ideas / to blaze new trails
新春 xīn chūn the beginning of Spring / the 10 or 20 days following the lunar New Year's Day
春节 Chūn jié Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
刷新 shuā xīn to renovate / to refurbish / to refresh (computer window) / to write a new page (in history) / to break (a record)
年前 nián qián before the end of the year / before the new year
新一代 xīn dài new generation
头条 tóu tiáo lead story (on the news)
纽约市 Niǔ yuē Shì New York City
大同 tóng Datong or Great community in neo-Confucian philosophy, sim. New Jerusalem / Datong or Tatung district of Taipei City 臺北市|台北市[Tai2 bei3 shi4], Taiwan / Datong prefecture-level city in Shanxi 山西 / Datong or Tatung township in Yilan county 宜蘭縣|宜兰县[Yi2 lan2 xian4], Taiwan
新华 Xīn huá Xinhua (the official Chinese news agency)
新华网 Xīn huá Wǎng Xinhua News Network
wén to hear / news / well-known / famous / reputation / fame / to smell / to sniff at
开拓 kāi tuò to break new ground (for agriculture) / to open up (a new seam) / to develop (border regions) / fig. to open up (new horizons)
纽约 Niǔ yuē New York
上下 shàng xià up and down / top and bottom / old and new / length / about
采访 cǎi fǎng to interview / to gather news / to hunt for and collect / to cover
新人 xīn rén newcomer / fresh talent / newlywed, esp. new bride / bride and groom
新产品 xīn chǎn pǐn new product
新技术 xīn shù new technology
时报 Shí bào "Times" (newspaper, e.g. New York Times)
泰山 Tài shān Tarzan (fictional character reared by apes in the jungle) / Taishan township in New Taipei City 新北市[Xin1 bei3 shi4], Taiwan
花絮 huā bits of news / interesting sidelights
新房 xīn fáng brand new house / bridal chamber
年下 nián xià lunar new year
要闻 yào wén important news story / headline
新政 xīn zhèng new policy / New Deal (Roosevelt's 1933 policy to deal with the Great Depression)
新西兰 Xīn lán New Zealand
开学 kāi xué foundation of a University or College / school opening / the start of a new term
新华社 Xīn huá shè Xinhua News Agency
登场 dēng chǎng to go on stage / fig. to appear on the scene / used in advertising to mean new product
曙光 shǔ guāng dawn / fig. the dawn of a new era
滨海 Bīn hǎi Binhai (place name) / Binhai New District, subprovincial district of Tianjin / Binhai county in Yancheng 鹽城|盐城[Yan2 cheng2], Jiangsu / fictitious city Binhai in political satire
发布会 huì news conference / briefing
发布会 huì news conference / briefing
新兴 xīn xīng new / up-and-coming / newly developing / rising
过年 guò nián to celebrate the Chinese New Year
三峡 Sān xiá Three Gorges on the Chang Jiang or Yangtze, namely: Qutang Gorge 瞿塘峽|瞿塘峡[Qu1 tang2 Xia2], Wuxia Gorge 巫峽|巫峡[Wu1 Xia2] and Xiling Gorge 西陵峽|西陵峡[Xi1 ling2 Xia2] / Sanxia or Sanhsia town in New Taipei City 新北市[Xin1 bei3 shi4], Taiwan
晚报 wǎn bào evening newspaper / (in a newspaper's name) Evening News
初一 chū first day of lunar month / New Year's Day / first year in junior middle school
新闻媒体 xīn wén méi news media
新闻发布会 xīn wén huì news conference
上报 shàng bào to report to one's superiors / to appear in the news / to reply to a letter
新颖 xīn yǐng lit. new bud / fig. new and original
春运 chūn yùn (increased) passenger transportation around Chinese New Year
播报 bào to announce / to read (the news)
万里 Wàn Wanli township in New Taipei City 新北市[Xin1 bei3 shi4], Taiwan
悉尼 Sydney, capital of New South Wales, Australia
趣闻 wén funny news item / interesting anecdote
中国新闻网 Zhōng guó Xīn wén Wǎng China News Service website (
新村 xīn cūn new housing development
浦东新区 dōng xīn Pudong New District, subprovincial district of Shanghai
拜年 bài nián to pay a New Year call / to wish sb a Happy New Year
hào to waste / to spend / to consume / to squander / news / (coll.) to delay / to dilly-dally
听取 tīng to hear (news) / to listen to
初二 chū èr 2nd year in junior middle school / 2nd day of a lunar month / 2nd day of lunar New Year
新时代 xīn shí dài new age
获悉 huò to learn of sth / to find out / to get news
新世纪 xīn shì 21st century / New Century (commonly used name)
菜鸟 cài niǎo (coll.) sb new to a particular subject / rookie / beginner / newbie
出任 chū rèn to take up a post / to start in a new job
华尔街 Huá ěr Jiē Wall Street, New York / by extension, American big business
开花 kāi huā to bloom / to blossom / to flower / fig. to burst open / to feel happy or elated / new development grows out
新年快乐 xīn nián kuài Happy New Year!
网罗 wǎng luó net for fishing or bird catching / (fig.) fetters / to snare (a valuable new team member etc) / to bring together under the one umbrella
崭新 zhǎn xīn brand new
讯息 xùn information / news / message / text message or SMS
新锐 xīn ruì cutting-edge (in technology, science, fashion, the arts etc) / novel and competitive / new and dashing
迎新 yíng xīn to see in the New Year / to welcome new guests / by extension, to receive new students
换新 huàn xīn to replace with sth new / to upgrade
福音 yīn good news / glad tidings / gospel
贺岁 suì to extend New Year's greetings / to pay a New Year's visit
生词 shēng new word (in textbook) / word that is unfamiliar or not yet studied / CL:組|组[zu3],個|个[ge4]

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