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líng character used in Taiwan as a substitute for a real name (like "X" in English) / variant of 〇[ling2]
品牌 pǐn pái brand name / trademark
重庆 Chóng qìng Chongqing city (Chungking), formerly in Sichuan province, a municipality since 1997, short name 渝[Yu2]
广东 Guǎng dōng Guangdong province (Kwangtung) in south China, short name 粵|粤[Yue4], capital Guangzhou 廣州|广州
中华 Zhōng huá China (alternate formal name)
报名 bào míng to sign up / to enter one's name / to apply / to register / to enroll / to enlist
名单 míng dān list (of names)
shì variant of 是[shi4] / (used in given names)
hào ordinal number / day of a month / mark / sign / business establishment / size / ship suffix / horn (wind instrument) / bugle call / assumed name / to take a pulse / classifier used to indicate number of people
Perilla frutescens (Chinese basil or wild red basil) / place name / to revive / used as phonetic in transliteration
辽宁 Liáo níng Liaoning province in northeast China, short name 遼|辽[Liao2], capital Shenyang 瀋陽|沈阳[Shen3 yang2]
short name for Shanghai
míng name / noun (part of speech) / place (e.g. among winners) / famous / classifier for people
letter / symbol / character / word / CL:個|个[ge4] / courtesy or style name traditionally given to males aged 20 in dynastic China
tóng (used in given names) / variant of 同[tong2]
he or him / (used for either sex when the sex is unknown or unimportant) / (used before sb's name for emphasis) / (used as a meaningless mock object) / other / another
Yuè Cantonese / short name for Guangdong 廣東|广东[Guang3 dong1]
名称 míng chēng name (of a thing) / name (of an organization)
地区 local / regional / district (not necessarily formal administrative unit) / region / area / as suffix to city name, means prefecture or county (area administered by a prefecture-level city or county level city) / CL:個|个[ge4]
bǎng notice or announcement / list of names / public roll of successful examinees
河北省 běi Shěng Hebei Province (Hopeh) in north China surrounding Beijing, short name 冀[Ji4], capital Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄[Shi2 jia1 zhuang1]
河北 běi Hebei province (Hopeh) in north China surrounding Beijing, short name 冀, capital Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄[Shi2 jia1 zhuang1]
沈阳 Shěn yáng Shenyang subprovincial city and capital of Liaoning province 遼寧省|辽宁省 in northeast China / old names include Fengtian 奉天, Shengjing 盛京 and Mukden
代表 dài biǎo representative / delegate / CL:位[wei4],個|个[ge4],名[ming2] / to represent / to stand for / on behalf of / in the name of
surname Wu / area comprising southern Jiangsu, northern Zhejiang and Shanghai / name of states in Southern China at different historical periods
tào to cover / to encase / cover / sheath / to overlap / to interleave / to model after / to copy / formula / harness / loop of rope / (fig.) to fish for / to obtain slyly / classifier for sets, collections / bend (of a river or mountain range, in place names) / tau (Greek letter Ττ)
surname Mi / name of an ancient state
shōu to receive / to accept / to collect / to put away / to restrain / to stop / in care of (used on address line after name)
海南 Hǎi nán Hainan Province, in the South China Sea, short name 瓊|琼[Qiong2], capital Haikou 海口 / Hainan Island / Hainan District of Wuhai City 烏海市|乌海市[Wu1 hai3 Shi4], Inner Mongolia / Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 海南藏族自治州[Hai3 nan2 Zang4 zu2 Zi4 zhi4 zhou1], Qinghai
ā prefix used before monosyllabic names, kinship terms etc to indicate familiarity / used in transliteration / also pr. [a4]
biāo mark / sign / label / to mark with a symbol, label, lettering etc / to bear (a brand name, registration number etc) / prize / award / bid / target / quota / (old) the topmost branches of a tree / visible symptom / classifier for military units
大厦 shà (used in the names of grand buildings such as 百老匯大廈|百老汇大厦 Broadway Mansions (in Shanghai) or 帝國大廈|帝国大厦 Empire State Building etc)
甘肃 Gān Gansu province, abbr. 甘[Gan1], short name 隴|陇[Long3], capital Lanzhou 蘭州|兰州[Lan2 zhou1]
chēng to weigh / to state / to name / name / appellation / to praise
Shēn old name for Shanghai 上海[Shang4 hai3] / surname Shen
Shěn surname Shen / place name
名字 míng zi name (of a person or thing) / CL:個|个[ge4]
登记 dēng to register (one's name)
lái name of weed plant (fat hen, goosefoot, pigweed etc) / Chenopodium album
姓名 xìng míng surname and given name / full name
阿里 Ā Ali (proper name) / Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (c. 600-661), cousin, aid and son-in-law of the Prophet Mohammed 穆罕默德, the fourth Caliph 哈里發|哈里发 of Islam, reigned 656-661, and the first Imam 伊瑪目|伊玛目 of Shia Islam / Ngari prefecture in Tibet, Tibetan: Mnga' ris
(phonetic na) / used esp. in female names such as Anna 安娜[An1 na4] or Diana 黛安娜[Dai4 an1 na4]
surname Yi / alternative name for 絳|绛[Jiang4] capital of the Jin State during the Spring and Autumn Period (770-475 BC)
Wèi surname Wei / name of vassal state of Zhou dynasty from 661 BC in Shanxi, one of the Seven Hero Warring States / Wei state, founded by Cao Cao 曹操, one of the Three Kingdoms from the fall of the Han / the Wei dynasty 221-265 / Wei prefecture and Wei county at different historical periods
那么 me like that / in that way / or so / so / so very much / about / in that case
Luò surname Luo / old name of several rivers (in Henan, Shaanxi, Sichuan and Anhui)
(name of states and dynasties at several different periods) / surname Qi
域名 míng domain name (computing)
(used for transcribing names)
shì clan name / maiden name
广东省 Guǎng dōng shěng Guangdong province (Kwangtung) in south China, short name 粵|粤[Yue4], capital Guangzhou 廣州|广州
Zhù short name for Guiyang 貴陽|贵阳[Gui4 yang2]
xīn (used in names of people and shops, symbolizing prosperity)
fāng lane (usually as part of a street name) / memorial archway
贵阳 Guì yáng Guiyang prefecture-level city and capital of Guizhou province 貴州|贵州[Gui4 zhou1], short name 筑[Zhu4]
Jìn surname Jin / the Jin Dynasties (265-420) / Western Jin 西晉|西晋[Xi1 Jin4] (265-316), Eastern Jin 東晉|东晋[Dong1 Jin4] (317-420) and Later Jin Dynasty (936-946) / short name for Shanxi province 山西[Shan1 xi1]
重庆市 Chóng qìng shì Chongqing city, formerly in Sichuan province, a municipality since 1997, short name 渝[Yu2]
eye / item / section / list / catalogue / table of contents / order (taxonomy) / goal / name / title
Mǐn short name for Fujian province 福建[Fu2 jian4] / also pr. [Min2]
本田 Běn tián Honda (Japanese name)
称为 chēng wéi called / to call sth (by a name) / to name
南山 Nán shān Nanshan or Namsan, common place name / Nanshan district of Shenzhen City 深圳市, Guangdong
used in place names associated with the Ji River 濟水|济水[Ji3 Shui3] / surname Ji
长安 Cháng ān Chang'an (ancient name of Xi'an 西安[Xi1 an1]) capital of China during Tang Dynasty 唐朝[Tang2 chao2] / now 長安區|长安区[Chang2 an1 Qu1], a district of Xi'an
mìng life / fate / order or command / to assign a name, title etc
kūn used in place names, notably Kunlun Mountains 崑崙|昆仑[Kun1 lun2] / (also used for transliteration)
short name for Hebei 河北 province / surname Ji
华夏 Huá xià old name for China / Cathay
Shǔ short name for Sichuan 四川[Si4 chuan1] province / one of the Three Kingdoms 三國|三国[San1 guo2] after the fall of the Han dynasty
qiān to sign one's name / visa / variant of 籤|签[qian1]
称号 chēng hào name / term of address / title
Róng short name for Chengdu 成都[Cheng2 du1]
院长 yuàn zhǎng the head of an institution whose name ends in 院[yuan4] / chair of a board / president of a university / department head / dean / premier of the Republic of China / CL:個|个[ge4]
考生 kǎo shēng exam candidate / student whose name has been put forward for an exam
xìng family name / surname / CL:個|个[ge4] / to be surnamed
太平 Tài píng place name
字号 hao character size / font size / fame / reputation / shop / name of a shop
辽宁省 Liáo níng shěng Liaoning province in northeast China, short name 遼|辽[Liao2], capital Shenyang 瀋陽|沈阳[Shen3 yang2]
girl / phonetic "ni" (in female names) / Taiwan pr. [ni2]
bǎo an earthwork / castle / position of defense / stronghold / used in place names, often as phonetic bao for "burg" or "bad"
variant of 鋪|铺[pu4] / used in place names
Shào surname Shao / place name
Liáo short name for Liaoning 遼寧|辽宁[Liao2 ning2] province / Liao or Khitan dynasty (907-1125)
bēn (used in given names) / variant of 奔[ben1]
pāo puffed / swollen / spongy / small lake (esp. in place names) / classifier for urine or feces
神州 Shén zhōu old name for China
bīn Japanese variant of 濱|滨[bin1] / used in Japanese place names such as Yokohama 橫浜|横浜[Heng2 bin1] with phonetic value hama
surname Di / generic name for northern ethnic minorities during the Qin and Han Dynasties (221 BC-220 AD)
签名 qiān míng to sign (one's name with a pen etc) / to autograph / signature
奔驰 Bēn chí Benz (name) / Mercedes-Benz, German car maker
Xíng surname Xing / place name
马克 Mark (name)
名家 Míng jiā School of Logicians of the Warring States Period (475-220 BC), also called the School of Names
马克思 Marx (name)
别名 bié míng alias / alternative name
福特 Ford (name) / Ford, US car make
丰田 Fēng tián Toyota or Toyoda (name) / Toyota, Japanese car make
short name for Chongqing 重慶|重庆[Chong2 qing4] / old name of Jialing river 嘉陵江[Jia1 ling2 jiang1] in Sichuan
zhé (used in given names) / variant of 哲[zhe2]
甘肃省 Gān Shěng Gansu Province, abbr. 甘[Gan1], short name 隴|陇[Long3], capital Lanzhou 蘭州|兰州[Lan2 zhou1]

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