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hǒu to roar / to howl / to shriek / roar or howl of an animal / bellow of rage
háo howl / bawl
吼叫 hǒu jiào to howl
哀嚎 āi háo to howl in grief / anguished wailing / same as 哀号
狂笑 kuáng xiào to howl with laughter / to laugh one's head off
号丧 háo sang to weep / to howl as if at a funeral
鬼哭狼嚎 guǐ láng háo to wail like ghosts and howl like wolves (idiom)
hǒu roar or howl of an animal / bellow of rage
狂吠 kuáng fèi to bark furiously / to howl
háo to howl (like a wolf)
啼声 shēng ululation / to howl
嚎哭 háo to bawl / to cry / to wail / to howl / also written 號哭|号哭[hao2 ku1]
嗥叫 háo jiào to growl / to howl
狼嗥 láng háo wolves howling / (fig.) to howl / to ululate

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