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shèng holy / sacred / saint / sage
圣经 Shèng jīng Holy Bible / the Confucian classics / CL:本[ben3],部[bu4]
神圣 shén shèng divine / hallow / holy / sacred
圣地 shèng holy land (of a religion) / sacred place / shrine / holy city (such as Jerusalem, Mecca etc) / center of historic interest
巡礼 xún to make a pilgrimage (to visit a holy site) / to go on a sightseeing tour
三位一体 Sān wèi Holy Trinity / trinity
圣母 Shèng Holy Mother / goddess / the Virgin Mary
圣战 shèng zhàn Holy war / jihad
圣城 shèng chéng Holy City
圣洁 shèng jié pure and holy
陕北 Shǎn běi Shanbei, northern Shaanxi province, including Yulin 榆林 and Yan'an 延安, a Holy Land of Mao's revolution 革命聖地|革命圣地
圣灵 Shèng líng Holy Ghost / Holy Spirit
圣杯 shèng bēi Holy Grail
圣贤 shèng xián a sage / wise and holy man / virtuous ruler / Buddhist lama / wine
圣者 shèng zhě holy one / saint
圣水 shèng shuǐ holy water
圣子 Shèng Holy Son / Jesus Christ / God the Son (in the Christian Trinity)
圣婴 Shèng Yīng El Niño (meteorology) / Holy Infant (cf biblical nativity story)
教廷 Jiào tíng the Papacy / the Vatican / the Church government / Holy See
圣神 Shèng shén feudal term of praise for ruler, king or emperor / general term for saint in former times / term for God during the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom 太平天國|太平天国 / Holy Spirit (in Christian Trinity)
罗马教廷 Luó jiào tíng the Church (as Royal Court) / the Holy See / the Vatican
神圣罗马帝国 Shén shèng Luó guó the Holy Roman Empire (history)
阿罗汉 ā luó hàn arhat (Sanskrit) / a holy man who has left behind all earthly desires and concerns and attained nirvana (Buddhism)
圣贤书 shèng xián shū holy book
圣父 Shèng Holy Father / God the Father (in the Christian Trinity)
梵蒂冈城 Fàn gāng chéng Vatican City, capital of Holy See
佛牙 Buddha's tooth (a holy relic)
圣迹 shèng Holy relic / miracle
圣餐 shèng cān Holy communion (of the Christian mass) / sacrament
圣事 shèng shì Holy sacrament / Christian rite (esp. Catholic) / also called 聖禮|圣礼 by Protestants
圣礼 shèng Holy sacrament / Christian rite (esp. Protestant) / also called 聖事|圣事 by Catholics
圣索非亚 Shèng Suǒ fēi Hagia Sophia (Greek: Holy wisdom)
纳杰夫 jié Najaf (city in Iraq, a Shia holy city)
圣盘 shèng pán Holy Grail
圣神降临 Shèng shén jiàng lín Whit Sunday (Christian Festival celebrating the Holy Spirit)
圣经贤传 shèng jīng xián zhuàn lit. holy scripture and biography of sage (idiom); refers to Confucian canonical texts
奥迹 ào Holy mystery / Holy sacrament (of Orthodox church)
圣体血 shèng xuè the body and blood of Christ / Holy communion
库姆 Qom (holy city in Iran)
朝拜圣山 cháo bài shèng shān a pilgrimage to a holy mountain
神圣周 shén shèng zhōu Holy week / Easter week (esp. Catholic)
奉若神明 fèng ruò shén míng to honor sb as a God (idiom); to revere / to worship / to deify / to make a holy cow of sth / to put sb on a pedestal
查理大帝 Chá Charlemagne (c. 747-c. 814), King of the Franks, Holy Roman Emperor from 800
圣躬 shèng gōng the Emperor's body / Holy body / the current reigning Emperor

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