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Did you mean: holy hale hall hele hill hell hol halo ?

yǎn eye / small hole / crux (of a matter) / CL:隻|只[zhi1],雙|双[shuang1] / classifier for big hollow things (wells, stoves, pots etc)
kǒng hole / CL:個|个[ge4] / classifier for cave dwellings
kēng hole / pit / tunnel / to defraud
kēng variant of 坑[keng1] / pit / hole
dòng cave / hole / zero (unambiguous spoken form when spelling out numbers) / CL:個|个[ge4]
zuān to drill / to bore / to get into / to make one's way into / to enter (a hole) / to thread one's way through / to study intensively / to dig into / to curry favor for personal gain
漏洞 lòu dòng leak / hole / gap / loophole
xué cave / cavity / hole / acupuncture point / Taiwan pr. [xue4]
dòu hole / aperture / (anatomy) cavity / sinus
kǎn old variant of 坎[kan3] / pit / hole
黑洞 hēi dòng (astronomy) black hole
凹凸 āo concave or convex / bumps and holes / uneven (surface) / rugged
钻孔 zuān kǒng to bore a hole / to drill / drilled hole
口子 kǒu zi hole / opening / cut / gap / gash / my husband or wife / classifier for people (used for indicating the number of people in a family etc) / precedent
qiào hole / opening / orifice (of the human body) / (fig.) key (to the solution of a problem)
záo chisel / to bore a hole / to chisel or dig / certain / authentic / irrefutable / also pr. [zuo4]
cave / hole
破绽 zhàn hole or tear in cloth / mistake or gap in a speech or theory
穿孔 chuān kǒng to punch or bore a hole / to perforate / perforation
cave / hole
xūn ocarina / wind instrument consisting of an egg-shaped chamber with holes
窟窿 long hole / pocket / cavity / loophole / debt
圆孔 yuán kǒng round hole
破洞 dòng a hole
水坑 shuǐ kēng puddle / water hole / sump
打眼 yǎn to drill or bore a hole / to attract attention / conspicuous
柳琴 liǔ qín liuqin lute, smaller version of the pipa 琵琶, with holes in the soundbox, and range equivalent to that of a violin
打孔器 kǒng hole puncher
堵死 to block (a road) / to plug (a hole) / to stop up
挖洞 dòng to dig a hole
虫洞 chóng dòng worm-hole (in cosmology and science fiction)
空穴 kòng xué electron hole (physics)
一杆进洞 gān jìn dòng (golf) hole in one
老鼠洞 lǎo shǔ dòng mouse hole
自圆其说 yuán shuō to make a story or theory consistent / to give a plausible explanation / to plug the holes in one's story
钻空子 zuān kòng zi lit. to drill a hole / to take advantage of a loophole / to exploit an advantage / to seize the opportunity (esp. to do sth bad)
扩孔 kuò kǒng to widen a tube / to ream (i.e. widen a hole)
龋洞 dòng hole due to dental caries
打洞 dòng to punch a hole / to drill a hole / to dig a hole / to burrow
狗窦大开 gǒu dòu kāi dog hole wide open (idiom); fig. gap caused by missing teeth (used mockingly)
弹孔 dàn kǒng bullet hole
hole, pit
引蛇出洞 yǐn shé chū dòng lit. to pull a snake from its hole / to expose a malefactor (idiom)
弹痕 dàn hén bullet hole / shell hole
溢流孔 liú kǒng bleed hole / overflow pipe / spill vent
孔眼 kǒng yǎn hole (e.g. of sieve or colander)
龟缩 guī suō to withdraw / to hole up
钻眼 zuān yǎn to drill a hole / drilling
一个萝卜一个坑 luó bo kēng lit. every turnip to its hole (idiom) / fig. each person has his own position / each to his own / horses for courses / every kettle has its lid
孔穴 kǒng xué aperture / hole / cavity
chí bamboo flute with 7 or 8 holes
to extinguish a burning object / to singe sth with a smoldering object (e.g. burn a hole in one's trousers with a cigarette) / to stir-fry / to pour a mixture of hot oil and flavorings over food
穿凿 chuān záo to bore a hole / to give a forced interpretation
窿 lóng cavity / hole
窟窿眼 long yǎn small hole
槽孔 cáo kǒng slot / groove / slotted hole
狗窦 gǒu dòu dog hole / gap caused by missing teeth / fig. den of thieves
山凹 shān āo mountain cave, hole, recess etc
hole in a wall
白洞 bái dòng white hole (cosmology)
niè to fill up or cover up a hole
chí bamboo flute with 8 holes
百孔千疮 bǎi kǒng qiān chuāng heavily damaged / (fig.) full of holes / riddled with problems
ǎn hole in the ground to plant seeds in / to make a hole for seeds / to dibble
cuān ice spud (aka ice chisel) with a pointy tip / to break a hole in ice (for ice fishing etc) using an ice spud
小洞不补大洞吃苦 xiǎo dòng dòng chī A small hole not plugged will make you suffer a big hole (idiom); a stitch in time saves nine
shū the hole in the center of a wheel accommodating the axle (archaic)
kēng old variant of 坑[keng1] / pit / hole
tián cave / hole
zhú in a hole
方枘圆凿 fāng ruì yuán záo to put a square peg in a round hole / incompatible (idiom)
膜孔 kǒng hole in the body of a musical instrument, covered with a membrane which produces a buzzing tone
鼻儿 bír eye / a hole in an implement or utensil for insertion
洞孔 dòng kǒng hole
多孔性 duō kǒng xìng porous / having many holes (e.g. filter gauze or sieve)
璧玉 jade disk with a hole in the center
吹孔 chuī kǒng (of a musical instrument) blow hole
孔径 kǒng jìng diameter of hole
无孔不钻 kǒng zuān lit. leave no hole undrilled (idiom); to latch on to every opportunity
坑洞 kēng dòng hole / pit / pothole
观衅伺隙 guān xìn lit. to look for holes, and observe gaps (idiom) / fig. to search out one's opponent's weak points / to look for the Achilles' heel
锚链孔 máo liàn kǒng hawsehole (small hole for anchor cable or hawser in the side of ship)
筚门闺窦 mén guī dòu wicker door, hole window (idiom); fig. wretched hovel / living in poverty
充填 chōng tián to fill (gap, hole, area, blank) / to pad out / to complement / (dental) filling / filled
荜门圭窦 mén guī dòu wicker door, hole window (idiom); fig. wretched hovel / living in poverty
拱璧 gǒng a flat round jade ornament with a hole at the center / fig. a treasure
冰洞 bīng dòng hole in ice / crevasse
一击入洞 dòng hole in one (golf)
排水口 pái shuǐ kǒu plughole / drainage hole
四出文钱 chū wén qián coin minted in the reign of Emperor Ling of Han 漢靈帝|汉灵帝[Han4 Ling2 Di4], with a square hole in the middle and four lines radiating out from each corner of the square (hence the name 四出文)
小洞不堵,大洞难补 xiǎo dòng , dòng nán If you don't plug the small hole, the big hole will be hard to repair (idiom); A stitch in time saves nine.
小洞不堵,大洞受苦 xiǎo dòng , dòng shòu A small hole not plugged will make you suffer a big hole (idiom); A stitch in time saves nine.
小洞不堵沉大船 xiǎo dòng chén chuán A small hole not plugged will sink a great ship.
笛膜 membrane which covers a hole in a flute and produces a buzzing tone
小洞不堵,大洞吃苦 xiǎo dòng , dòng chī A small hole not plugged will make you suffer a big hole (idiom); A stitch in time saves nine.
排水孔 pái shuǐ kǒng plughole / drainage hole
千里之堤,溃于蚁穴 qiān zhī , kuì xué an ant hole may cause the collapse of a great dike (idiom) / huge damage may result from a moment's negligence
cuì dig a hole
电洞 diàn dòng electron hole (physics)

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