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Did you mean: can chain chen shan china chun chin chuan ?

chǎn to give birth / to reproduce / to produce / product / resource / estate / property
chán dhyana (Sanskrit) / Zen / meditation (Buddhism)
成龙 Chéng Lóng Jackie Chan (1954-), kungfu film and cantopop star
蜡笔小新 Xiǎo xīn Crayon Shin-chan (クレヨンしんちゃん), Japanese manga and anime series popular in China
chán to wind around / to wrap round / to coil / tangle / to involve / to bother / to annoy
chǎn to level off / to root up
chǎn to shovel / to remove / spade / shovel
chān variant of 攙|搀[chan1] / to mix
chán still (as of water) / still water
chán gluttonous / greedy / to have a craving
闭关 guān to close the passes / to seal off the country / seclusion (monastic practice, e.g. of Chan Buddhists)
chán beautiful / graceful
chàn to tremble / to shiver / to shake / to vibrate / Taiwan pr. [zhan4]
chán moon / (striped) toad
chán cicada
chǎn name of a river in Shaanxi province / see 滻河|浐河[Chan3 He2]
chǎn to express / to disclose / to enlighten / to open
chān to take by the arm and assist / to mix / to blend / to dilute / to adulterate
chǎn Japanese variant of 產|产
chán variant of 嶄|崭[chan2]
chán precipitous
刘禅 Liú Chán Liu Chan 劉禪|刘禅 (207-271), son of Liu Bei, reigned as Shu Han emperor 233-263
chàn feel remorse / regret / repent
连战 Lián Zhàn Lien Chan (1936-), Taiwanese politician, former vice-president and chairman of Guomintang
阿斗 Ā dǒu A-dou, nickname of Liu Chan 劉禪|刘禅 (207-271), son of Liu Bei, reigned as Shu Han emperor 233-263 / fig. weak and inept person
chán flow / trickle (of water)
chán to slander / to defame / to misrepresent / to speak maliciously
瀍河 Chán Chan River in Henan province 河南[He2 nan2]
chǎn to flatter / to cajole
chán market place
浐河 Chǎn Chan River (in Shaanxi province)
参禅 cān chán to practice Chan Buddhist meditation / to practice Zen meditation / to sit in meditation
chǎn variant of 鏟|铲[chan3]
chán cliff
子产 Chǎn Zi Chan (?-522 BC), statesman and philosopher during the Spring and Autumn period
chán weak / feeble / lowly
chān to observe / to spy on / Taiwan pr. [zhan1]
泳儿 Yǒng Ér Vincy Chan, Hong Kong female singer
chǎn to complete / to prepare
陈木胜 Chén shèng Benny Chan (Hong Kong film director)
chàn to mix / to blend / to dilute / to adulterate
chǎn smilingly
chán course of stars / follow precedent
陈方安生 Chén Fāng Ān shēng Anson Chan (1940-), chief secretary for administration, Hong Kong (1997-2001)
Chán Chanshui river in Henan
chǎn to make a fire
chán sound of water
chǎn see 嘽嘽|啴啴[chan3 chan3] / see 嘽緩|啴缓[chan3 huan3]
chān the front of clothes
chán cunning / artful
chǎn horse without saddle
chàn irregular / mixed
chán to revile / to abuse
chān curtain in carriage / screen
chán sharp instrument for digging
chān length (of a tree or beam) / long
chán sandalwood (Santalum album), a Nepalese tree producing valuable fragrant oil / comet
chán indecisive / irresolute
chǎn winding mountain path
chán bore / cut / polish
chǎn skewer
chán gluttonous / greedy
chán large ship
chán cliff / peak
chǎn to talk in one's sleep / old variant of 諂|谄[chan3]
chǎn old variant of 闡|阐[chan3]
唐武宗 Táng zōng Emperor Wuzong of Tang (814-846), reign name of sixteenth Tang emperor Li Chan 李瀍[Li3 Chan2], reigned 840-846
辿 chān follow, pursue
chán old variant of 纏|缠[chan2]
禅门五宗 chán mén zōng the five schools of Chan Buddhism (idiom)
慧能 Huì néng Huineng (638-713), the Sixth Patriarch of Chan Buddhism
李瀍 Chán Li Chan, personal name of sixteenth Tang Emperor Wuzong 武宗[Wu3 zong1] (814-846), reigned 840-846
陈奕迅 Chén xùn Eason Chan (1974-), Hong Kong pop singer and actor

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