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big / huge / large / major / great / wide / deep / older (than) / oldest / eldest / greatly / very much / (dialect) father / father's elder or younger brother
jīng capital city of a country / big / algebraic term for a large number (old) / artificial mound (old)
Dǒu abbr. for the Big Dipper constellation 北斗星[Bei3 dou3 xing1]
yǎn eye / small hole / crux (of a matter) / CL:隻|只[zhi1],雙|双[shuang1] / classifier for big hollow things (wells, stoves, pots etc)
tāo big wave / Taiwan pr. [tao2]
大事 shì major event / major political event (war or change of regime) / major social event (wedding or funeral) / (do sth) in a big way / CL:件[jian4],樁|桩[zhuang1]
四大 the four elements: earth, water, fire, and wind (Buddhism) / the four freedoms: speaking out freely, airing views fully, holding great debates, and writing big-character posters, 大鳴大放|大鸣大放[da4 ming2 da4 fang4], 大辯論|大辩论[da4 bian4 lun4], 大字報|大字报[da4 zi4 bao4] (PRC)
lún wheel / disk / ring / steamship / to take turns / to rotate / by turn / classifier for big round objects: disk, or recurring events: round, turn
hóng flood / big / great
wěi big / large / great
大幅 a big margin / substantially
北斗 Běi dǒu Great Bear / Big Dipper / Peitou town in Changhua county 彰化縣|彰化县[Zhang1 hua4 xian4], Taiwan
shuò large / big
大兴 xīng to go in for something in a big way / to undertake on a large scale
冲刺 chōng to sprint / to spurt / to dash / big effort
大巴 a big coach / tourist bus
巨头 tóu tycoon / magnate / big player (including company, country, school etc) / big shot
做大 zuò arrogant / to put on airs / (business etc) to expand / to enlarge / to do sth on a big scale
拇指 zhǐ thumb / big toe
豪门 háo mén rich and powerful (families) / aristocratic / big shots
大哥 eldest brother / big brother (polite address for a man of about the same age as oneself) / gang leader / boss
大汉 hàn big person / the great Han dynasty
华尔街 Huá ěr Jiē Wall Street, New York / by extension, American big business
大咖 influential person / major player / big shot
天大 tiān gargantuan / as big as the sky / enormous
北斗星 Běi dǒu xīng the Big Dipper / the Plow
大姐 jiě big sister / elder sister / older sister (also polite term of address for a girl or woman slightly older than the speaker)
爆红 bào hóng to be a big hit / to be hugely popular
大爆炸 bào zhà Big Bang (cosmology)
进城 jìn chéng to go to town / to enter a big city (to live or work)
大亨 hēng big shot / top gun / superstar / VIP
吹牛 chuī niú to talk big / to shoot off one's mouth / to chat (dialect)
牛皮 niú cowhide / leather / fig. flexible and tough / boasting / big talk
big / stream or canal / drain / ditch / CL:條|条[tiao2] / him (dialect) / outer rim of a carriage wheel (old)
huán Chinese soapberry (Sapindus mukurossi) / big / pillar (old)
大件 jiàn large / bulky / big-ticket item
大炮 pào big gun / cannon / artillery / one who talks big / trad. form 大炮 also used / CL:門|门[men2],尊[zun1]
大钱 qián high denomination of banknotes or coins / lots of money / a big sum (e.g. a bribe)
gāng stars of the Big Dipper that constitute the tail of the dipper
头大 tóu to have a big head / (fig.) to get a headache / one's head is swimming
大鳄 è lit. big crocodile / fig. major figure / big shot / top boss (esp. criminal)
开阳 Kāi yáng zeta Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper / Kaiyang county in Guiyang 貴陽|贵阳[Gui4 yang2], Guizhou
kuò big / empty / open
大体 in general / more or less / in rough terms / basically / on the whole / overall situation / the big picture / (Tw) remains (of a dead person)
大腕 wàn star / big shot / celebrity / leading actor / authority (slang)
坛子 tán zi jug (earthenware with a big belly and a small opening)
偌大 ruò so big / such a big
大灰狼 huī láng big bad wolf
波霸 (slang) (loanword) big boobs / big-breasted / (coll.) tapioca balls, in 波霸奶茶[bo1 ba4 nai3 cha2]
大锅 guō a big wok / cauldron
巨无霸 Big Mac (McDonald's hamburger)
大计 large scale program of lasting importance / project of paramount importance / to think big / annual national audit
硕大 shuò big / huge / massive
闹翻 nào fān to have a falling out / to have a big argument
美瞳 měi tóng cosmetic contact lens / big eye contact lens / circle contact lens
大本钟 běn Zhōng Big Ben
磊磊 lěi lěi big pile of rocks / bighearted / open and honest
大副 substantially / by a big amount
大红大紫 hóng to hit the big time
大锅饭 guō fàn lit. big rice pan / communal feeding / fig. egalitarianism (equal treatment for everyone in same institution)
饭庄 fàn zhuāng big restaurant
大棒 bàng big stick (policy etc)
hóng big / gate
显贵 xiǎn guì dignitary / distinguished person / royalty / nobleman / big shot
斗转星移 Dǒu zhuǎn xīng lit. the Big Dipper 北斗星[Bei3 dou3 xing1] has turned and the stars have moved / time flies / also written 星移斗轉|星移斗转[xing1 yi2 Dou3 zhuan3]
大踏步 in big strides / (fig.) in giant steps
箭步 jiàn sudden big stride forward
thumb / big toe
顾全大局 quán to take the big picture into consideration (idiom) / to work for the benefits of all
巨细 big and small
小题大做 xiǎo zuò to make a big fuss over a minor issue (idiom)
大器晚成 wǎn chéng lit. it takes a long time to make a big pot (idiom); fig. a great talent matures slowly / in the fullness of time a major figure will develop into a pillar of the state / Rome wasn't built in a day
胸大无脑 xiōng nǎo (having) big boobs but no brain / bimbo
大言不惭 yán cán to boast shamelessly / to talk big
千里之行,始于足下 qiān zhī xíng , shǐ xià lit. a thousand mile journey begins with the first step / fig. big accomplishments come from an accumulation of little achievements made one by one
养精蓄锐 yǎng jīng ruì to preserve and nurture one's spirit (idiom); honing one's strength for the big push
魁星 Kuí xīng stars of the Big Dipper that constitute the rectangular body of the dipper / Kuixing, Daoist God of fate
大呼小叫 xiǎo jiào to shout and quarrel / to make a big fuss
天玑 tiān gamma Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper
侃爷 kǎn big talker
夸夸其谈 kuā kuā tán to talk big / to sound off / bombastic / grandiloquent
天权 tiān quán delta Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper
大只 zhī big
浓眉大眼 nóng méi yǎn thick eyebrows and big eyes
一斑 bān lit. one spot (on the leopard) / fig. one small item in a big scheme
盲人摸象 máng rén xiàng blind people touch an elephant (idiom, from Nirvana sutra 大般涅槃經|大般涅盘经[da4 ban1 Nie4 pan2 jing1]); fig. unable to see the big picture / to mistake the part for the whole / unable to see the wood for the trees
龙头老大 lóng tóu lǎo big boss / leader of a group / dominant (position)
满城风雨 mǎn chéng fēng lit. wind and rain through the town (idiom); fig. a big scandal / an uproar / the talk of the town
大动干戈 dòng gān to go to war (idiom) / to make a big fuss over sth
大字报 bào big-character poster
耍嘴皮子 shuǎ zuǐ zi to talk glibly / to talk big / to be all talk
磊落 lěi luò big and stout / big-hearted / open and honest / continuous / repeated
鹅毛大雪 é máo xuě goose feather snow (idiom) / big heavy snow fall
麦香堡 Mài xiāng bǎo Big Mac hamburger (Tw) (old) / now referred to (in Taiwan) as 大麥克|大麦克[Da4 Mai4 ke4]
多大 duō how big / how much / how old etc
大腹便便 pián pián big-bellied (idiom) / paunchy
tǐng big arrow / walk fast
笑面虎 xiào miàn man with a big smile and evil intentions
北斗七星 běi dǒu xīng Ursa Major / Great Bear / Big Dipper

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